The tragic fate of Haiti — what’s next?

Photographed by georgephoto via pixabay

The truth is Haiti has been struggling to cope with natural disasters, security crises’, and armed violence for over a decade, and it’s sweeping the restless country yet again. Haiti’s been hit by 5 earthquakes of 4.0+ magnitude in the past 30 days. Not to mention the M 7.2 earthquake that struck mid-August, leaving devastation, destruction, and chaos in its wake.

On August 23rd, The Haitian Civil Protection General Directorate and OCHA announced over 500,000 families in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, 2,200+ deaths, 12,000 injured, and 344 people missing.

And to add to more wounding, President Jovenel Moïse was found assassinated in his private, gated residence on July 7th, 2021. Which ultimately means Haitians are fending for survival with no body of government right now. They have tried protesting government corruption and their weak economic situation but that lead to an increasingly high rate of violent attacks.

On October 16th, 17 missionaries were kidnapped by a Haitian gang, 400 Mawozo while on their way home from visiting an orphanage. The missionaries are associated with Christian Aid Missionaries, a nonprofit organization established in 1981. Our US government has seen proof that at least some of the 17 people held hostage are still alive but the leader of 400 Mawozo has demanded $ 17 million in ransom. The group of missionaries includes 5 children, the youngest being 8 months old; 6 men and 6 women.

I’m not asking for donations but I also don’t want to leave you without any sources. If you are comfortable with donating that would be wonderful but no worries if not.

Recovery and assistance efforts

  1. Project Hope has been transforming communities around the world for over 60 years by putting those in need first to bring about a lasting change. They work in 5 main areas: disasters and health crises, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, maternal, neonatal, and child health, and health policy.
  2. Doctors Without Borders is an independent, global movement providing medical care since 1990. They have a fierce commitment to independence, impartiality, and neutrality which makes it possible for them to respond to emergencies rapidly and provide lifesaving care.
  3. Christian Aid Missionaries’ main goal is to help and encourage God’s people. Their supporters and volunteers make it possible to provide clothes, food, and medicine to orphans, widows, the elderly, and impoverished Christian families.

The FBI is working in Haiti to recover the missionaries held hostage but they are calling for all our support in assisting the nation.

“We are looking at every possible option for how to go about doing that,” Sullivan said. “But these things operate and have operated in Haiti historically on different timetables, under different circumstances. And so we need to manage this situation as carefully as possible so that at the end of the day, we achieve our objective, which is the safe return of every single one of those [abducted].”

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